Doing business
with us is profit

To make sure your customers stick with you for the long haul, we created an innovative loyalty program for the retail industry.

Your unique opportunities
just got a lot more exciting

Say buh-bye to fees
and marketing costs

Get 100% conversion rate on your marketing spend.
Every single marketing dollar spent gets you closer to your consumer.

No more hunting
in the dark!

The retail value chain rewards your customer directly for their data.
Every bit of data tells you the customer’s whole story.

Great brands
trust us

It’s not about accepting payments, it’s about building
relationships with your customers.
All the brands listed above are strategic partners of CARTS company.

Add your shop
to our ecosystem

By adding your shop to our system, you get access to tons of great functions that help you manage your sales. Everything you need in just one app.

Use your
own coupons

You can provide your customers with discounts and promotions via coupons and track all transactions for your promo and analyze them for further benefit.

A smart POS system
that works for you

Go cashless, go digital. All you need is your smartphone to accept payments, see your daily and monthly sales report and manage your cash flows.

Get early
access right now

The most important thing to get right on a loyalty platform
is to understand customer’s emotions during shopping and
deliver an exciting, unforgettable shopping experience.